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Jeremy Lin, #17 | Point Guard • Los Angeles Lakers | Harvard Alumni
6'3"; 200 | First Chinese/Taiwanese-American in the NBA
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Lin 'very emotional' about D'Antoni news →

"Obviously, I miss him a lot," Lin said in the Knicks’ locker room Wednesday night, after his team routed the Blazers 121-79. "What he did for my career, I’m not going to forget what he did for me personally. It was very emotional. I’m sad to see him go. I owe a lot to him."

Welp…this is just sad to read. They make everyone but D’Antoni look like a bad guy lol. He’s a good man with a great offensive mind, it’s not like he hasn’t been doing this for a while, he just doesn’t work as an all-around head coach trying to implement all these pieces. He should work as an offensive coordinator because he’s too lenient on his players and as a head coach you have to have respect at all times it won’t work. In this case it also seems like Carmelo is just a pain in the ass too.

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